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YOGIS (Young German Speakers in Sydney) began in 1994, when a couple of young Germans decided they wanted to meet occasionally with other German speakers over a beer or a glass of wine. Of course they could have just joined one of the established German-speaking clubs in Sydney, but they felt that they did not fit in with these ageing clubs which cater mainly for post-war migrants. They had different experiences, different interests and in particular, a different taste in music. So they decided to start their own club, YOGIS Inc. Since then, YOGIS has grown considerably.

On the 13th of each month we meet in a pub for our 'Stammtisch'. There are also weekend activities sometimes. Some of these activities have included walks, picnics and ice-skating. Young YOGIS is a sub-group of YOGIS Inc. which caters for parents with young children. By meeting in different suburbs in Sydney, YOGIS gives young German-speakers from all over Sydney the chance to meet occasionally.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the YOGIS

How young/old do you have to be?
We have members of all ages. Anyone who is young at heart is welcome to join.

Do I have to be German?
No. We have Indians, Swedes, Swiss, Turks, Canadians, Austrians, Chinese and Germans amongst us. Although everyone is welcome to come along, it does help if you are able to speak at least some German.

How many people meet?
This depends entirely on the activity (and often the weather). Sometimes there will only be a few people while at other events there may be up to 50 people. If the weather looks bad and it is an outside activity, it is probably best to call us on our mobile phone to check whether it is still on.

Is it worth popping by sometime?
Of course, any time! Just turn up at the "Stammtisch". You'll find all events on our website.


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